courtesy Chris Treadway

These c.1945 photos are looking at MacArthur Boulevard near Loma Vista Avenue. The one above is taken from the roof of what was a Safeway (in 2021 it is a laundromat) at 3711 MacArthur. The photo below was taken from Loma Vista southwest of MacArthur. They were likely taken the same day, based on the lighting and the truck parked in front of Lund's Pet Shop.

courtesy Chris Treadway

Things Shown

  • Golden Bridge beverages sign from Pioneer Beverages
  • Tradewell Market - 3647 MacArthur
  • Joe's Associated Service gas station - 3600 MacArthur
  • Sunland Gas station - 3636 MacArthur
  • Curran Quarry (hillside scar in background)
  • K-9 Tavern and Steak House - 3700 MacArthur
  • Laurel Cleaners - 3708 MacArthur
  • Lund's Bird and Pet Store / Lund's Pet Shop - 3714 MacArthur, run by Jens J.M. Lund
  • Clay Electric Co. - 3618 MacArthur
  • Laurel Photo Studio - 3720 MacArthur

1940 reverse directory1944 reverse directory


Notably, the street sign visible in both photos says MacArthur Blvd. This had previously been part of Hopkins Street, but by April 1942 they had renamed various streets to create MacArthur Boulevard, so it is definitely 1942 or later.

The K-9 Tavern appears in the 1940 reverse directory; K-9 Tavern and Steak House in the 1944 directory. There are only a few mentions of Tradewell market found, one in late 1943 and one in early 1945. Lund sold the pet shop in 1946, but they might not have replaced the awning and signage yet.

CAL •45

Looking closely at the license plate visible in the second photo, the style matches the style of 1945 California plates, which was distinctly different from the 1944 and earlier styles. See California License Plates 1940-1946 for a comparison.

So the mostly likely date is 1945, though it could be late 1944. Based on the shadows, the first photo was taken before the second.