Despite being a dense urban environment, Oakland is a great place to go bird watching. Here are some good spots:

But you don't have to go to a park. Setting up a bird feeder near your home is simple to do, and will attract different birds depending on the type of food and where in Oakland you live.


American Robin at Mountain View Cemetery. Photo: Pipi Ray DiamondWood Ducks at Lake Temescal. Photo: Pipi Ray DiamondMallard ducks at Lake Merritt. Photo: Pipi Ray DiamondLong-billed Curlew at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Photo: Pipi Ray DiamondWestern Scrub Jay at Redwood Regional Park. Photo: Pipi Ray DiamondWestern Meadowlark at Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline. Photo: Pipi Ray DiamondGreat Blue Heron on Gravatt Drive. Photo: NAParishNorthern flicker in Montclair CC SA-NC-BY Our OaklandAmerican crows in Montclair photo CC SA-NC-BY Our OaklandAmerican robin in Montclair CC SA-NC-BY Our Oakland

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