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The Market Street Seventh-Day Adventist Church is at 34th and Market St. and has been around since 1923. 1

An early pastor was Rev. Owen Troy, who came to the church as his first assignment in 1924. Rev. Troy was there until 1931. Troy's family was friends with Delilah Beasley's family. 2

Elder Jerrod Johnson was pastor from 1931 to 1936, when he and his wife moved to Tennessee. 3

Pastor Year(s) Ref
Owen Troy 1924-1931 2
Jerrod Johnson 1931-1936 3
H.D. Dobbins 1944 4
F.H. Jenkins 1945 ref
Russell T. Nelson 1946-1951 ref
R. Wendell Nelson 1952 ref
Walter L. Horton 1972 ref

building in 19481951 Sanborn excerpt

The original building had previously been the home of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church. The current building was built in __?

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1944 ad 4

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