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The Mad Pride Mural is a mural at 1422 Harrison Street, featuring likenesses of (L to R) John George, Tom Bates, Sally Zinman, Jay Mahler and Dr. Isaac Slaughter. It was painted in 2016 by Peskador and Desi Mundo, as a project of the Community Rejuvenation Project.

'Mad Pride' refers to a de-stigmatizing movement in the field of mental health. 1 Each of the people pictured is or was associated with mental health care in the East Bay:

  • John George - namesake of John George Psychiatric Hospital in San Leandro
  • Tom Bates - mayor of Berkeley; CA state assembly member, on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities committee
  • Sally Zinman - founder of Coalition for Alternatives in Mental Health (ref)
  • Jay Mahler - long-time advocate; member Alameda County Mental Health Advisory Board (ref)
  • Dr. Isaac Slauhghter (d. 1995) - psychiatrist; mental health director of West Oakland Health Center (ref)

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Isaac SlaughterSally Zinman

Tom BatesJohn GeorgeJay Mahler

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