MacArthur BART turnstiles - source kkr

MacArthur BART station sits between West MacArthur Blvd and 40th St west of Telegraph Avenue.

MacArthur is a crowded stop during morning and evening commutes: "Mornings at MacArthur are particularly miserable because it’s a transfer point between two lines hauling heavy loads." [source] If you do a morning/evening commute to and from SF and if you have flexibility about where to get on/off in Oakland, you'll probably have a better chance by transferring at the 19th Street or 12th Street stations.

Lines that stop at Macarthur BART

Southbound view from MacArthur BART - source kkr

  • Pittsburg/Bay Point <=> SFIA/Millbrae
  • Richmond <=> Fremont
  • Richmond <=> Daly City/Millbrae



Yes ($1.50 daily fee, other options are available for monthly reserved, extended weekend, and airport/long term parking).

Lot fills around 7am during the week.


Bike Racks: Yes. There are bike racks both inside and outside the station. You are strongly encouraged to park your bike inside to avoid bike theft!

Bike Station: None. There is no attended bike station.

Bike Lockers: There are 40 shared use lockers available at the station.


Public Art

One piece of public art in the plaza outside of this BART station was made by local artist Harold Paris. (Three other bronze sea turtle sculptures are unidentified at the moment.)

There are also murals and mosaics inside the station.

Transit Village Project

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Oakland Wiki page (help us!): MacArthur Transit Village

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