Joshua Rose 4

When the M. Robinson Baker YMCA opened in 1926 it was known as the the Market Street YMCA. 3 Later it was called the Northwest Oakland YMCA; the 1951 Sanborn shows it as North Oakland YMCA.


c.1939, M. Robinson Baker was acting executive director. 2 He had to take a step back for health reasons, and Joshua Rose then ran the branch. Later, M. Robinson Baker was on the board of the branch YMCA, and then the central YMCA. 1 Read more about Joshua Rose and listen to an interview with his daughter on the Black Liberation Walking Tour. 4

Lionel Wilson was involved in the "lay leadership" of the YMCA. 1

c.1969, George Killingsworth became the executive director.

When its building was damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake; the community rallied to its aid. MRB reopened in 1996. The 15,000-square foot MRB facility provides place-based services to the community with a gymnasium, outdoor gardening area, classrooms and computer lab.

The YMCA was closed again in [ ? ]. It reopened in January of 2023 and now operates as an Early Childhood Learning Center under the leadership of center director Lovette Trammel.

Picture from March 14, 1957 California Eagle
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Picture from November 9, 1957 Oakland Tribune
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1939 2

1951 Sanborn excerpt

There were several murals at the YMCA. One of them featured Oakland scenes including the lake, graduates, current issues like eviction, and the Y itself.

photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 byWilliam Newtonphoto CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 byWilliam Newton

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