La Clinica Alta Vista is a community service clinic for mental, physical, and psychiatric health in the neighborhood of Fruitvale, Oakland, CA. This teen health center, Clinica Alta Vista (CAV), specializes in providing comprehensive health care services for adolescents and young adults. All of the staff and providers at CAV are committed to helping young people make informed decisions about their health and all are bilingual in Spanish and English. We offer comprehensive medical care, family planning, emergency contraception, prevention and treatment of STI's, including oral testing for HIV with results available in 20 minutes. All patients have access to our in-house social services, health education and nutrition counseling. For pregnant patients we provide options counseling, prenatal, postpartum and pediatric care. Through our Centering Program we give vital support to young parents including a scholarship program for those parents who stay in school.

1515 Fruitvale Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601-2322



Tel: 510-535-4000 | FAX: 510-535-4189