c.1918 1

The Japanese Methodist Episcopal Church was a Methodist church at 10th and West Street, originally serving the Japanese American community. Later it was known as the West Tenth Methodist Church. Later still, it merged with Lake Park Methodist Church.

The building was dedicated in February 1918. 2,3

With the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII, the church closed. Meader Hall, the educational building, was used to store possessions from 135 families. Following the war, Meader Hall was used as a hostel for returning internees. 4

The church sold its land in 1967 for development of the Acorn Project. Lake Park United Methodist Church invited the congregation to use its buildings until a new location could be found. In 1968, they invited the congregation to join them, and on May 12, 1968, the churches officially merged. 4

1918 photo 3

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