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Dr. James Peter Hampston (J.P.H.) Dunn (June 11, 1860 – August 13, 1908) was the city physician and health officer in 1891, 1892, 1898 and 1899. 2

Dr. Dunn married Catherine "Kate" Chabot (Dunn), daughter of Remi Chabot, and niece of Anthony Chabot, in 1902. They had two daughters, Catherine Dunn and Alice Dunn.

1892-1893 directory 1

Dunn liked horses, and c.1894 owned two racehorses, King Orry and Hailstorm. 4 This photo from OMCA shows Dr. Dunn in the buggy drawn by the horses. On the back it says "Hospital, 10th-11th, Health Officer, back of or across street from Chabot house on 11th & Madison, Dr. James Peter Hampston Dunn, ca. 1880, fine trotters" 3 The photogapher, F.O. Haussler had a studio nearby.

H26.2734A - OMCA 3

Death and Burial

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Sadly, Dr. Dunn died on August 13, 1908, after being thrown from a horse. He was riding home from a professional call in Claremont, and his horse was startled by a car near Telegraph and 31st Street, and Dunn was thrown and hit his head on the pavement. The passengers and crew of a nearby streetcar saw the accident, and took Dr. Dunn to the nearby East Bay Sanitorium. Surgeons attempted to save his life, but were unsuccessful. 2 His remains were interred in the family mausoleum in St. Mary's Cemetery.

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