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The Jack Little British Car Service Building is a historic brick building at 426 - 25th Street in Northgate. The shop is currently a recording studio, guised as a car shop. 

It is of secondary importance (C) to the 25th Street Garage District. According to the Oakland Cultural Heritage Survey 1, there was no building permit filed, but the Sanborn maps suggest it was built in 1925–1926, and the owner was N. C. Hopkins (possibly Newton C. Hopkins in the hardware and radio business on 23rd Avenue in the 1920s and 1930s.) Uses of the building have included:

  • Carl T. Holgard auto painters (1928 directory)
  • Rowland Radiator & Fender Works (1931 Oakland Tribune ad; 1933 Sanborn map)
  • Gleason Auto Glass Service (1945 Oakland Tribune ads)
  • body and paint shop (1950 Sanborn map)
  • L. A. Miller auto painting (1967 directory)
  • Jack Little British Car Service (1985 survey)

Links and References

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