The Front of the Mills' House from the Kenwyn Triangle.

The Home of Dr. Mills is located at 650 Kenwyn Rd. It was originally built in 1922 as a 7 room show house, Dr. Henry Mills, the physician of Henry Kaiser, undertook a massive expansion from 1935-1937 at the height of the Great Depression. The expanded house was designed by architect W. E. Schirmer (the architect responsible for the Kaiser House around the corner), and included the purchase and demolition of the house next door to make room for the expansion and a large garden.

The living room contains a poured mantle with a caduceus symbol (in honor of Dr. Mills' profession) and a hand-painted wood-panel ceiling.


The sitting room outside the master bedroom.

The solarium was originally an open balcony which was converted to an orchid greenhouse and later converted to a solarium.