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Gondola Servizio is a locally owned business offering private tours of Lake Merritt in Oakland for up to six passengers at a time. They suggest that tours on Lake Merritt are best in the evening when the Necklace of Lights illuminating the lakeside, for which blankets and candlelight will be provided.

The tours start at the Lake Merritt Boathouse (the Lake Chalet building).

In addition to their tours in either the regular gondola or the cabin covered felze, party tours and specialty tours are available, such as the Wine and Cheese Tour, the Chocolate Dessert Tour and the Photo Shoot Package (for engagements, weddings, families, etc.).

The gondola tours are accessible for those with disabilities, including a ramp for wheelchairs.

The company started in 1999.

Gondola Servizio on Lake Merritt, Oakland, California (JL)April Quinn, Angelino Sandri (Gondola Servizio)


1520 Lakeside Drive, Oakland, California




Flexible hours ... Call for an appointment

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