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Foreman and Clark was a national chain of men's clothing stores. The chain was founded in New York c.1910, and they opened an Oakland branch in 1913. Other than a temporary relocation following a fire, they were upstairs at the northeast corner of Washington and 12th for many years.

The Oakland branch opened in 1913, with co-founder A.J. Clark moving to Oakland and saying: "After investigating conditions In other cities in the West—Portland, San Francisco, Salt Lake, Seattle—Mr. Foreman and myself came to the, conclusion that In Oakland Is a future which for brilliancy Is unexcelled the world over. And for that reason we decided to locate In this city." They leased space in the building formerly occupied by Kahn's. Foreman and Clark made a point of not renting ground-level space to save on rent, 2 and featured that in their advertising, "Trade Upstairs and Save $10."

In January 1931, a fire damaged 11 businesses including Foreman and Clark. 3 They temporarily moved to Broadway while renovations were made. The building was updated, removing the bay windows and giving it a more modern look. In May 1931 they moved back, and the store featured a new neon sign with the slogan "Upstairs From Coast to Coast." 4

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At some point in the 1940s or 1950s they moved to 1601 Telegraph in Latham Square Building. It's unknown when they closed the Oakland branch. The latest reference found in the Tribune is a 1972 congratulatory ad for the Oakland A's from various downtown merchants. 5

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