mural on the wall of Claremont Middle School by greenkozi

Claremont Middle School is located at 5750 College Avenue in Oakland, between Birch Court and Miles Avenue (formerly Shafter Avenue). A school opened at this site in August of 1913, and the school plans on celebrating its centennial on June 1. A recent "My Word" column in The Montclarion alleged that the school actually opened in 1918, but this was debunked by research by Betty Marvin and others.

Note that school originally served Kindergarten through eighth grade.  At some point, it became a junior high school (grades 7-9), but it is now designated as a middle school (grades 6-8)

photo by greenkoziThe colorful mural was painted in 2008 by Project YES and EBCC with funding from the funding by the Department of Conservation, Recycling Division.

In 2013, Claremont Middle School received national press with identical twins as co-Principals, Reginald and Ronald Richardson.1

On June 4th, the City Council recognized Claremont Middle School for 100 years. Full file here:
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1915 photo 2

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photo from Our Oakland