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Charles "Pinky" Dominic De Baca (c.1944 – February 5, 1968) was a 23 year old Chicano Mexican American Fruitvale district resident  who was shot and killed by an Oakland Police officer on February 5, 1968.

Many older Chicanos in Oakland will agree that Mr De Baca's death was a focal point in the radical Chicano mobilization in Oakland. Some say it was the start of the radical elements of the Chicano movement in Oakland.

On February 5, 1968 Oakland Police Officer Walter Gibbons noticed a man in a car on 35th Ave near Galindo St in the Fruitvale district. Officer Gibbons confronted the man and a foot pursuit happened. The man ran up Galindo St and Officer Gibbons ordered him to stop. Then he fired 6 rounds. One of the rounds hit the man in the heart, killing him. The man shot turned out to be Charles (Pinky) De Baca .

The Chicano Latino community in Oakland was outraged by Mr De Baca's death. Family members and community activists and community members formed an organization called Oakland Latinos United for Justice. Their mission was to make the community aware of police brutality and to teach Chicanos and Latinos of their rights when dealing with the police. Latinos United for Justice also organized to put pressure on the city to fire and bring charges against Officer Gibbons. On March 20, 1968 Oakland Latinos United for Justice took over a City Council Meeting. They wanted to force then-Mayor John Reading to bring Officer Gibbons up on murder charges and have him fired. They blocked the entrances to City Hall shouting "We want justice." 

Oakland Latinos United for Justice continued working in the community starting a local newspaper called "La Hormiga" which translates as "The Ant." Officer Walter Gibbons was acquitted of any wrong doing. by who? Other Chicano radical groups formed like the Brown Berets and the Chicano Revolutionary Party to protect the community from police brutality and to educate Chicanos and Latinos of their rights.