from the Oakland History Room, c.1947-1948

The Williams and Slade Building was a building at the corner of 21st Street (then Hobart Street) and Broadway. The original wood frame building was completely remodeled by architect Alben R. Froberg in 1935, just a few years after the construction of the nearby Paramount Theatre. It was torn down in ?? and the site is currently a parking lot just north of the Paramount.

The 'before' pictures show it as Gordon's Popcorn - Candy. The 1935 renovation was for a new furniture company, Williams and Slade. The original wood frame walls were replaced by concrete and reinforced steel. According to an article in Architectural Forum, the building had formerly housed a number of small shops. The windows in the upper floor were reused. 1

The above photo showing it as Moore's can be dated to late 1947 or early 1948, because the Paramount is running "Merton of the Movies" with Red Skelton. 2

Architectural Forum, July 1937 1
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