William C. Knowles (?-?) was an early 20th century architect. His best known extant work in Oakland is the East Bay Water Company / Girls Inc. building.

[ The name "William Knowles" is tricky to follow. There were a number of William Knowles in the Bay Area at various times, including a later architect William Howard Knowles (c.1909 - 1989) who started practice in 1933, a dentist in Berkeley, a contractor/carpenter, a messenger, and various yet to be identified William Knowleses. ]

c.1905, Knowles had an office at 234 Post St. in San Francisco 1 but lived in Oakland at 333 Walsworth St. (now Harrison Street above the Oakland Ave. split.)

Knowles designed the palatial home at 60 King Avenue in Piedmont in 1913. 3

Knowles was an early member of the Sequoyah Country Club when it opened in 1914.

From 1923 to 1926, Russell de Lappe worked for Knowles.

Knowles designed several additions to the Swan's Market block between 1925 and 1927. 2

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