W.H. Quinn House, 1425 Castro Street, Oakland 1

The William H. Quinn House (aka “Quinn House”) is an 1872-3 Italianate Victorian, originally located at 1425 Castro Street. Its first owner was William H. Quinn, a manager of the San Francisco branch of Huntington, Hopkins & Co.

Quinn purchased the lot in 1872 from E. Bigelow for $1,200. The house, initially valued at $5,000, was completed the following year. Circa 1902, the lot was split and remodeling occurred.3

The second owner (c. 1905) was James T. Moran, owner of clothing stores in Oakland, and sponsor of the Greenhood and Morans baseball team. More remodeling was done c. 1912. Arthur M. Whipple, a plumber, bought the house c. 1934.

On March 21, 1978 the Quinn House designated Oakland Landmark #21, under Zoning Case #LM 77-573. A nearby carriage house, intended as part of the landmark, was likely too fragile to move.

Today the house stands at 1004/06 - 16th Street, Oakland.

carriage house 1Quinn House c. 1978 1Quinn House, Oakland, California 2

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