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The Wiener Building (named for Louis Wiener) is a small Beaux Arts-derivative store building designed by Maury I. Diggs, which is located at 405 - 15th Street.

This is a small one story single bay enframed window wall store building of brick construction on an interior lot. The piers and lintel framing the bay are surfaced in light brown pressed brick, with a painted galvanized iron cornice and plain brick parapet. Slightly recessed bronze entry doors are located at the left of the storefront, which is framed with polished marble, richly veined purple, maroon, white, and dark green. The clerestory, the full width of the bay, consists of five windows set in wood frames. Originally two storefronts (per the plans and circa 1935 Sanborn map), the building was altered to its present single marble trimmed storefront at an unknown date.

The building is part of a distinctive group of low rise commercial buildings along 15th Street within the Downtown district, associated with the spread of financial offices east of Broadway.  Architect Maury I. Diggs also designed the Oakland Title Insurance Building next door.

This historic building is #48 on the list of District Contributors for the Downtown Oakland Historic District Registration Form.

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