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White-Wallace Company was a manufacturer of canvas items in the early 1900s: tents, awnings, sails, flags, (tar)paulins, automobile tops, sleeping porches, and more. From at least 1908 to 1912, they were at 1252 Webster. 2 By 1913, they had moved to 1458 Webster, and a 1914 ad lists 520 - 11th Street.

A 1911 directory listing gives some of people involved: William H. H. White, president; Chauncey M. White, secretary; A. M. White, treasurer. William and Chauncey were brothers, two of the sons of Col. James Munro White. 3 [ Unknown who A. M. was; no Wallaces so far. ]

It's not clear what years the company was in business. Ads for White-Wallace Co. range from 1908 to 1914.

A 1905 ad for Oakland Tent and Awning includes the name C. M. White, at 1311 Broadway. A 1906 directory lists Chauncey White as manager and his son Henry F. White as an employee at Oakland Tent and Awning Co. Ads for Oakland Tent and Awning go back to at least 1899. 8

The 1913 ad also says Oakland Tent, Awning & Canvas Co. In the 1916 directory, there's no listing for White-Wallace Co., but Chauncey White is listed as an awning maker residing at 553 - 29th St. 7

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In 1911-1912, they advertised sleeping porches, even writing an advertorial that extolled the health virtues of sleeping in the fresh air. 6

sleeping porch ad 4705 Walker Ave. 5

1911 directory ad1913 directory ad

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