Walter Reed was an architect in Oakland, California. Born in Alameda, Reed graduated from Berkeley High School, and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he earned his degree in architecture.

After graduation Reed worked first as part of the partnership Dickey and Reed, and in 1912 became a principal of Corlett and Reed.  Reed designed the Financial Center Building and the Thomson Building, the Oakland Bank Building, Peralta Hospital, Merritt Hospital, the Stanford University Hospital, as well as many of the structures constructed on Lake Merritt.

{NAParish sez: It's not clear that Walter Reed's Thomson [Thompson seems to be a misspelling} Building exists.  The text of this 1913 SF Call article  refers to Peter Thomson proposing a 10-story building designed by Walter Reed on the northwest corner of 17th and Broadway, and the picture (with Thomson misspelled as Thompson in the caption] shows a building with two separate bays facing 17th Street, each with three sets of windows per floor -- but the building that actually now exists at this corner only has a single bay that's three windows wide, (with a lower and separate building where the other bay would have gone), and the current building supposedly wasn't built until 1922.  Then again, this 1914 Western Architect and Engineer does refer to the building as if it then existed.  Also, note that there is another building on 15th Street in Downtown called the Thompson Building.  Perhaps it was built in 1913 and then it burned down?!?  Further research is required.]

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