NAME, Years Elected to City Council

Wallace Buckland (-1903) served on City Council in 1895.





Wallace O Buckland was a medical doctor.

Buckland also ran in for Council 1897 in the anti-saloon/prohibition party and he was endorsed by the Labor Party.He was a leading member of the "Good Government Club," that was involved with some kind of tax levy war that was going on at the time.He was then nominated for Mayor in 1899 by the Prohibitionists: they wanted suppression of saloons, improvements, and women's suffrage. They got skunked: Buckland got 86 votes Compared to Mayor Roland Snow's 5716.5

Buckland lived and worked at "La Clede House," 1116 Broadwayand later at 1370 Franklin street.6

Buckland contributed a recipe/cure for "habitual constipation" to Scientific American, making him almost assuredly the first Councilmember to have an article published about poop in a national journal.





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