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Virginie Therese Herckenrath De Fremery (July 11, 1824 - February 1, 1890) was the wife of Jacobus (James) de Fremery (February 17, 1826 - May 28, 1899), and the daughter of Leon Herckenrath (June 6, 1800 - September 12, 1861) and Juliette Louisa McCormick (July 11, 1809 - April 13, 1856).

Virginie was the "daughter of Leon Herckenrath, wealthy Dutch merchant and Consul of Netherlands in charge of the states of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina during the 1820's, and his wife, Juliette Louisa McCormick de Magnan, a beautiful mulatto slave girl whom her father had purchased when she was 11 years old, much to the shock of Charleston, So. Carolina's social elite. 

Their first child was Virginie. Her father and mother returned to Holland from So. Carolina with their family and they eventually had fifteen children." 1

Virginie and James de Fremery were married in Holland sometime in 1853. Together, the couple had five children: Leon James De Fremery (June 15, 1855 - April 4, 1857); Adele Virginie De Fremery Van Loben Sels (February 8, 1857 - March 17, 1913); James Leon De Fremery (September 14, 1858 - October 19, 1911); Florent William De Fremery (June 23, 1863 - July 20, 1878); and Herman Rudolph De Fremery (January 25, 1866 - February 4, 1866). Sadly, three of their five children died quite young: an infant (Herman), a toddler (Leon James) and a young teen (Florent), with only Adele and James Leon living until adulthood. All are buried in Mountain View Cemetery, in Oakland.

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