Victory Burger was a restaurant in the Golden Gate neighborhood of Oakland, California, near the border with Emeryville. It was started by the owners of Actual Cafe which was located adjacent to it.

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As of 2017, Actual Cafe and Victory Burger are closed, replaced by Paradise Park Cafe.

The restaurant itself is much smaller then the cafe and only has a handful of tables on the inside, there is a large communal table on the exterior. You can order from the Victory Burger menu in Actual Cafe and they'll deliver it to you there. This is handy as there's more seating in Actual Cafe, as well as a larger selection of drinks for purchase.

The menu is mostly made up of burgers on standard buns or arepas (corn based flat bread from Columbia/Venezuela). It's not all burgers, they have a few other types of sandwiches like a banh mi. There are a number of organic foodie toppings that can be added for a price. They also sell homemade condiments to go with the burgers and fries, bacon mayonnaise is a guilty favorite.

There was a mural by GATS on the front, painted in 2014.

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1099 Alcatraz Avenue, Oakland, California


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