TurfFeinz (or TurfFeinz Crew) is a internationally recognized turfing dance crew from and in Oakland.

They gained wide coverage after TurfFeinz and Yak Films posted a Youtube video in honor of the death of a friend, Richard Davis (WikiBin):

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Booking: manager@turffeinz.net
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TheTurfFeinz(please look at most recent posting of Turffeinz dancers)

The previous version of this page notes that there are four members: Garion "No Noize" Morgan, Leon "Man" Williams Jr., and Tee "BJ" Stevens. Savion. According to the East Bay Express, there is another member Johnny Lopez, aka Johnny 5.

The Turffeinz Official Members: (from user turffeinz, perhaps someone can reconcile the two lists)

2000 - Looney
2005 - T7
2005 - Chonkie
2005 - Mann
2006 - Dreal
2006 - Enijia
2006 - Noh-justice
2007 - Johnny5
          - Booka
2011 - Zel Koozi
2012 - Kidd Strobe aka Frenchie 
2013 - Torch

Statement from user turffeinz (with minor edits and links)

Since as far back as 2001, turf dancing has become a spread of our generations new kind of hip hop. there have been many groups such as, the Architeckz, Anamaniaks, Supasickwidit, gobots, ect. Turf-fein they have been featured on 106&park freestyle Friday, some of us were M.c Hammertime dancers and even made it to the tryouts of Americas Next Best Dance Crew. even with the hardships of life we go through together as a team we struggle as a team and we will go to the top as a team.

Many people don't know music saves the soul. We find music as a way to escape from the world and also perform for those who just love to learn or see us put on a show. We have lost friends and we show our respects at funerals through a dance performance DVD to family and even performing with our local artist. Our cities Oakland & Berkley California support us. if you have any interest in seeing what we are about or want us to perform at any shows let us know we will be more then able to work something out. we are all living and standing on a dream, we are the best of the best we strive for our team and our family's.


Photos from Our Oakland