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Below are lists of intersections where there are city-owned Traffic Management Cameras that were disclosed as part of the City of Oakland's Domain Awareness Center. There are many more, some of which are shown on the map to the right. [ if there is a traffic management camera not shown on the map, please add it. ]

CC SA-BY Our OaklandNote that these cameras are (currently) only used to control the traffic lights at that intersection. That doesn't mean that they couldn't be used for surveillance in the future.

These cameras are much smaller than Red Light Cameras, and much more numerous. There will generally be several at each intersection to trigger the signal from each approach. Some are near the traffic lights (as above), while others may be across the intersection on a streetlight (as to the right).

These are being used increasingly instead of detector loops buried in the pavement, as they're cheaper to install and maintain, and work better with bicycles and other alternative vehicles. For cyclists, the city paints a cycle symbol in the appropriate spot to be seen by the camera and trigger the signal.

List of Cameras

The following a list of cameras disclosed during the Domain Awareness discussions:

  • Broadway and 11th
  • Broadway and 12th
  • Broadway and 14th
  • Broadway and 20th
  • Broadway and 5th
  • Broadway and 6th
  • West Grand and San Pablo
  • West Grand and Adeline
  • West Grand and Mandela
  • Grand and Broadway
  • Grand and Webster
  • Grand and Valdez
  • Grand and Harrison
  • Grand and MacArthur
  • Grand and Lake Park
  • MacArthur and Lakeshore
  • MacArthur and San Pablo
  • San Pablo and 35th
  • San Pablo and 30th
  • San Pablo and 20th
  • Lakeshore and Lake Park
  • 98th Ave and Airport Access
  • 98th Ave and Bigge St.
  • 98th Ave and Empire Rd
  • Airport Access and Doolittle Dr
  • Hegenberger and Airport Access
  • Hegenberger and Doolittle
  • Hegenberger and Edgewater
  • Hegenberger Rd and Hegenberger Lp

The following is a list of cameras that are part of East Bay Smart Corridor, also listed by the City of Oakland in connection with Domain Awareness Center:

  • Telegraph and West Grand
  • Telegraph and MacArthur
  • Telegraph and 51st st
  • San Pablo Ave and Stanford/Powell
  • International and 22nd Ave
  • International and 42nd Ave
  • International and 73rd Ave
  • International and 98th Ave
  • San Leandro and High St.
  • San Leandro and 73rd Ave
  • San Leandro and 75th Ave


Barbara Parker, City Attorney, Phone 510.238.3601

Report a public nuisance, note that cameras, which began spreading rapidly in 2013, represent a deterioration in quality of life both for those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as all residents who are now more vulnerable to police abuse and profiling.

City Council

As a body they have continued to advance the Domain Awareness Center, demand that cameras not only are disconnected from DAC but they are taken off of street signals in the city. See the City Council page for contact information.

Public Works, Call Center Phone: (510) 615-5566

Department responsible for maintenance of public infrastructure and traffic systems, ask that the cameras be taken down.

The City has an Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) and a Traffic Management Center. Labelled as “Intelligent” or “Smart”, these systems are likely not data safe. Pervasive cameras and information collection systems like fusion centers and the Domain Awareness Center make us more exposed, vulnerable to abuse and create a harmful atmosphere of being watched and tracked constantly. Cities like London and New York that have adopted a high ratio of cameras to residents have not experienced a drop in crime as a result. However, according to the ACLU in testimony before the Oakland City Council, minority populations have shown to be many times more likely to be surveiled and targeted as a result of the cameras and 1 in 10 women are surveiled purely for voyeuristic reasons. We do not consent to this search! Take the cameras down!

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