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Early History:
Spanish Rule
Mexican Rule
The Peraltas

mid-1800s through early-1900s:
Joaquin Miller
Mexican-American War
Civil War
Annexation of Neighboring Towns
Gold Rush
Port of Oakland
Southern Pacific Railroad
16th St. Station
Key System
Realty Syndicate and Francis “Borax” Smith
Aftermath of 1906 Earthquake
Frank Mott (mayor)
Jack London
Oakland Tribune

S.S. Palo Alto
Swan’s Market

Great Depression
New Deal Architecture

Shipbuilding Industry
Defense Industry

1946 General Strike
Construction of Highways

1960s and 1970s:
White flight
Black Panthers (Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis)
Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
Vietnam War  

Chicano Movement



1980s and 1990s:
Loma Prieta 1989 Earthquake
Crack epidemic
1991 Oakland Firestorm

2000 to present:
Occupy Oakland
Oscar Grant
Bay Area tech boom

General Topics:
History of particular ethnic groups in Oakland
Womens’ history
Queer history
Labor/union history
History of activism
History of alternative community (cooperatives, artist communities, squatting, mutual aid, Black Panther breakfast program, urban farming, hackerspaces, etc.)
Crime/Oakland Police Department
Architecture, Historic Districts
Economic and Industrial History
History of particular neighborhoods
City government and politics
Environmental history (Lake Merritt and the estuary, regional parks, Judy Bari, local food movement)
Education (OUSD, Mills College, Laney College, Merritt College, California College of the Arts, early University of California)
Cultural institutions (libraries, museums)

Cultural events (Music and the arts, festivals, holidays, etc.)

Race Relations / Civil Rights