Azim Khamisa's 20 year-old son, Tariq, was shot and killed by Ples Felix's 14 year-old grandson, Tony. Even though Tony was just a child, he was sentenced to prison for first-degree murder for 25 years.  Rather then become enemies as a result of this tragedy, these courageous men responded by embracing one another. Just 9 months after his son's death, Khamisa created a nonprofit  dedicated to breaking the cycle of youth violence, starting with the kids themselves. They have shared their story and their work all over the world together as ambassadors of peace.  On May 30th they will be in Oakland. Witness and join a powerful sacred healing talk with the two of them.  How do we create a culture of peace? Come and participate in a conversation about youth violence, restorative justice, and the power of forgiveness.  

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