Oakland Tribune 1888 In 1888,  F C Talbot of San Francisco lumber firm of Pope & Talbot purchases the property from  Ellis A. Haines on the San Leandro Road and adjacent to I.W. Hellman property, for $15,000.  The property is  478 acres (the same as Knowland Park/Oakland Zoo),

From Eden of the Pacific, Oakland Tribune 1898


Unidentified family members on Edenvale Porch July 4, 1889-90?  IW Taber photo.1

Edenvale in Elmhurst Oakland Ca 1House, stables and caretaker home 1



Talbot Family on Bridge over pond at Edenvale1

Gardens and man-made pond at Edenvale 1


Stables at Edenvale1



  1.  Photos provided by Sourisseau Academy Kings Library
  2.  Out West Magazine Ad - Check Your Baggage For SAN LEANDRO