The Short Cut, 2011
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The Short Cut is a short set of stairways near the Claremont Hotel dating back over 100 years. It provides a significant shortcut for pedestrians between Alvarado Road and Tunnel Road. It is threatened by the 2016-2017 proposed development of condominiums near the hotel. Not to be confused with The Short Cut (Millsmont) near Mills College.

The Short Cut is part of a local network of paths, including Eucalyptus Path, Sunset Trail, and Willow Walk.

The path appears on a 1911 map, and is labeled "The Short Cut" on a 1918 map. Development of the hotel began in 1905, but wasn't completed until 1915. Prior to the hotel, the area was mostly undeveloped.

In the development presentation from 2016, it appears the path would be rebuilt in a new alignment, but lose the views of the hotel. 1

1911 map1918 map

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