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The Pines Estate was built for Mr.& Mrs. Philip E. Bowles, in 1910 and was located at Broadway Terrace and Prospect Drive (Country Club Drive). The house was located at what is now No. 2 Bowling Drive. {{wonder if the name has to with the Bowles}}  Philip E. Bowles was president of the First National Bank of Oakland and a Regent of the University of California from 1911-22.

Map of Oakland 1912

In 1909 Bowles purchased 51 acres of land in "Claremont hills adjoining the Livermore Rockridge Homestead".1 He signed a contract for the erection of a residence to cost  $31,000.  The which he chose had a view of the bay and all of the surrounding country.  He engaged an expert landscaper. who designed the grounds of the estate in accordance with Bowles own plans.

The home was built in the Italian Villa style with 22 rooms and a full basement.  With 6 master bedrooms, dressing rooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 sleeping porches, a library, drawing room and conservatory  It was surrounded 50 acres of gardens, 5 large fish ponds, a Tea garden. tennis courts, swimming pool, large garage, horse stable and trotting park. 

In 1911 the home was featured in January issue of Architecture & Engineer of California Magazine.  It states the architect was L.B. Dutton. 2

In  October of 1927, a year after Phillip Bowles died,  Mrs. Bowles sold the entire estate to the York Company, Inc.  All but the home was subdivided into a new subdivision called Claremont Pines.3  Before the York Company purchased the estate, the city of Oakland urged by the park commission to purchase it for $700,000, for a public playground. 4

In about 1927 or 1928  Andrew Williams of the Andrew Williams Store, a chain of local grocery stores bought just the home which was located at No. 2 Bowling Drive. 5   After spending two years remodeling and adding new furniture including expensive Persian rugs, Williams put the home up for sale in 1931. 6


Views of the Pines Estate Oakland, CA 1927 Gabriel Moulin -

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