The People and the Police: Oakland was a 1974 television film on racial profiling and police misconduct in Oakland. It is hosted on the Internet Archive. Here's the video summary on the archive:

"[The] narrator talks about how town was over half black in 1960's and police force was all white. How blacks were generally treated with disrespect. Some of policemen interviewed say they were hired as super cops and did not want to change way things were run. Changes were implemented, blacks were hired, and blacks in the community were beginning to feel a change as older policemen were told to less aggressive or be fired. Action Review Panel was set up to review police community relations. Several incidents resulting in arrest of blacks and charges of disorderly conduct were heard by panel. Speaking in this film is Ron Dellums and police chief, George Hart. Song, 'Hey, You Old Oakland Town' is heard as camera scans streets and black community of Oakland."


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