The Olde Depot is a vegan bar in Jack London Square that opened on 3/9/13. It was Oakland's (and the Bay Area's) first vegan bar. Food items included french fries, pretzels, pierogies, sliders and other vegan variations of pub food. Over the year, the menu changed at various points - first eliminating vegan sausage and pierogies from the menu, and later adding non-vegan options to its food list. By early 2014, it closed its doors.   

It was owned by the same proprietors of Beer Revolution and was located in the historic Western Pacific Depot building. 

Address: 468 3rd Street

Phone: (510) 506-5904

Food tips:

  • BBQ sliders are heavily sauced to the point of overly sauced.
  • Chik'n & Chips are very good
  • chick'n tacos good if you ignore the stale tortillas
  • no more sausage- word is that they may be coming back. these were the highlights of the food


Photos from Our Oakland


Menu, 5/25/13

Menu March 31 2013

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