2014 is an election year. Before you vote, know what your candidate needs to do! 

Job Description: 

Charter- Section 305. Functions, Powers and Duties. The Mayor shall be the chief elective officer of the City, responsible for providing leadership and taking issues to the people and marshalling public interest in and support for municipal activity. The Mayor shall have the following powers, duties, and responsibilities:

(a) The Mayor shall be responsible for the submission of an annual budget to the Council which shall be prepared by the City Administrator under the direction of the Mayor and Council. The Mayor shall, at the time of the submission of the budget, submit a general statement of the conditions of the affairs of the City, the goals of the administration, and recommendations of such measures as he may deem expedient and proper to accomplish such goals.

(b) Recommend to the Council such measures and legislation as he deems necessary and to make such other recommendations to the Council concerning the affairs of the City as he finds desirable.

(c) Encourage programs for the physical, economic, social and cultural development of the City.

(d) Actively promote economic development to broaden and strengthen the commercial and employment base of the City.

(e) Appoint the City Administrator, subject to confirmation by the City Council, remove the City Administrator and give direction to the City Administrator. The Mayor shall advise the Council before removing the City Administrator.

(f)Serve as ceremonial head of the City.

(g) Represent the City in inter-governmental relations as directed by the Council.

(h) Provide community leadership.

The Mayor shall, at the first meeting of the City Council in October, appear before the Council to deliver a general address on the State of the City, and recommend the adoption of such measures as he/she may deem expedient and proper. The Mayor and such staff as he/she may designate shall also conduct four additional public meetings during the year to solicit and respond to comments, concerns, or questions from the public. These meetings shall be noticed to the public not less than two weeks in advance, and shall be scheduled approximately three months apart.

The Mayor shall devote his full time and attention to the duties of the Office of the Mayor and shall not engage in outside employment while in office. However, nothing shall prevent the Mayor from the receipt of income earned from business(s) or investment(s) in which he is not actively engaged and which are not in conflict with the performance of his duties and responsibilities.

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