The Jubilee was a bar, best known as a lesbian bar for many years. It was in several locations on East 14th St. (International Blvd.) and later on Bancroft Ave.

c.1955-1957, it was at 4700 East 14th. In 1969, it was next door at 4712 East 14th. Later it moved to the corner of Bancroft Ave. and Fremont Way.

In 1955, it was owned by Ray Santani. 3

Later it was owned by Betty Arnesen and Velma Souza. According to an article by Barbara Hoke:

"The two of them had once been lovers, years before I met them around 1976. They were polar opposites – Betty, taciturn and mysterious, lean, pale, tight-fisted, leaning toward cowboy shirts, – Val, extroverted, if not loud, profane, Hawaiian-bronze, effusive in praise and damnation, generous to a fault. I saw Betty laugh a few times – that is she put her chin to her chest and chuckled at the side of her mouth. Val’s laughter bounced off walls." 1

1969 directory listing

In 1955, it was held up by a parolee from San Quentin. He was captured less than an hour later while attempting to hold up Club 98. 2

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