This area is sometimes referred to as the Jewel Box area because of the various streets with gemstone names: Ruby St., Emerald St., Opal St and Garnet St. Previously there were other nearby streets named for precious gems and metals, too. On the 1912 map, Manila Ave. was Diamond St., and on the 1877 map, the short sections of what are now Webster and Shafter were Gold St. and Silver St. 1

More traditionally, north of 40th Street is considered part of Temescal and south of 40th Street is part of Mosswood. Articles about the recent upsurge in businesses sometimes refer to it as the 40th Street Corridor.

[ question: when was the first usage of this name? ]

Not to be confused with the Jewel Box Warehouse, an artists' collective at 26th and Myrtle.

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