The Hike mural is located on the side of St Louis Vet on Fruitvale just above MacArthur Blvd in the Dimond. It is by Pam Consear.

photo by greenkoziLike the other two murals in the series, the mural consists of two panels on a simple background designed to look like the front and back of a postcard. The first panel is a picture of a trail winding trail through Dimond Canyon. There are two people and a dog walking on the path. The words "Take a Hike" are written across the top and "In Our Neighorhood's Own Dimond Park" across the bottom, under the words "Dimond Canyon."

The back of the postcard says "Dear friend, Today we took the kids and the dog on a great walk along Sausal Creek. Join us next time? From, the family down the street."

In the upper left of the backside of the postcard, there is a little note that says "DIMOND CANYON. Oakland, California Hikers and dog walkers revel in this little gem located in the heart of the Town."

The stamp features a diamond and says "The Dimond is Forever." The postcard is addressed to "Our Neighbors, Dimond District, Oakland, CA."
Underneath the address it says "Moral support: Jamila English, D-4 office. Panel installation: H&X Builders." Next to the address it says "Painting help: Lara Tribe-Jones."

In the corner of the mural it says "Take a hike." "This mural is one of a series of 3 created in 2015 to highlight features of the neighborhood. Lead artist & designer Pam Consear, Commissioned by the City of Oakland, District 4 Graffiti Abatement Program, with support from the DIA and the DB&PA."

photo by greenkoziPhoto by greenkoziphoto by greenkozi

This mural is one of a series of three murals created in 2015 to highlight features of the neighborhood. The mural was commissioned by the City of Oakland District 4 Graffiti Abatement Program with support from the Dimond Improvement Association and the Dimond Business and Professional Association.