The Curtain Store was a downtown shop run by John Eugene Mauerhan and others, selling curtains, upholstered furniture, and rugs. It was at several locations over the years, but mostly notably at 400-402 - 14th Street at Franklin. It opened for business in 1902. 6

In 1903 it was a partnership with Fred W. Plummer (sec. and manager) and Robert L. Peyton at the 14th and Franklin location. 2 In 1904 it was a partnership with Mauerhan and Peyton. A fire in 1906 damaged the Athenian Club building which housed the store, and did $6,000 in damages to the store and its contents. Mauerhan and Peyton were fully insured. 4

By 1918, the store had moved to 520 - 13th Street. The shop moved to 2028-2030 Broadway in January 1933, and was damaged by a fire in the building in June 1933. 1

The store became Beaver's in 1960s. 5

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