Founded as the Electro-Alkaline Company on May 3, 1913, The Clorox Company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013.1  The company is still headquartered in Oakland at the Clorox Building in City Center, although many employees have been moved to Pleasanton and other locations.

This is a nice article discussing some of the history of Clorox in Oakland.

Activities in Oakland

Clorox is one of the few large companies headquartered in Oakland and so is pretty heavily involved in the community.

They are one of the key groups trying to keep the A's in Oakland. [source]

"The Clorox Company Foundation, founded in 1980, has awarded grants totaling more than $87 million to nonprofits, schools and colleges, with more than 75 percent of these funds (estimated at $65 million) benefiting Oakland." [source]

Mayor Jean Quan successfully lobbied Clorox (among other companies) to help fund the Mayor's Summer Jobs Program in 2013 after federal funding for the program ended. [source]

Oakland Digital has a long-running partnership with Clorox. [source]

In 2015, Clorox received the East Bay Innovation Award's Legacy award for its history of innovation impacting business development and quality of life in, and far beyond, the East Bay.


News & Links

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