Oakland Tribune photo c.1909

Teppers Hotel and Beer Garden was located in Dimond district. Charlie Tepper came to Oakland from Germany in 1895. {{{Confirm}}}  He bought land in the Dimond district and built a two-story home which later became his hotel. Behind the house was a building that he converted in a dance hall. Around he planted trees and created a place where patrons could sit and drink beers from local breweries.

Teppers remained a popular until prohibition forced the gardens and then the hotel out of business. The hotel still stands today is behind 2030 MacArthur Blvd close to Dimond Ave.

Teppers Gardens on Hopkins (MacArthur) 1909, OHCc.1905 1

Hopkins St (MacArthur Blvd) today with Teppers Hotel on the left

Another view of the Teppers Hotel behind 2030 MacArthurTeppers Hotel behind the Star Market 2020 MacArthur

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