Tech Liminal is a technology hotspot salon located in uptown Oakland. Tech Liminal works to build a strong independent tech innovation ecosystem in Oakland through support of community Meetups, open hack nights, tech events (such as Code for Oakland), and other initiatives.

Tech Liminal started as Oakland's earliest coworking space on 14th Street in downtown Oakland back in 2009. Some initial programs included weekend un-conferences for Bloggers and newsmakers, in collaboration with local startup news concerns. In 2013, Tech Liminal moved to a high rise building on 12th Street within a block of Old Oakland. At this location, WordPress Support Meetups expanded, innovative programs including STEAM Camp for Middle School Girls were launched, and The Product Summit conference, as well as many interesting intellectual meetups were hosted. In 2016, Tech Liminal moved into the Port Workspaces at Kaiser Mall on 20th Street in Oakland, California.

Tech Liminal 3.0 represents a refined focus on the core mission: to infuse collaboration into groups and individuals working with technology through in-person working sessions and Group Project Accelerator Programs.

About Tech Liminal

Founded in 2009, Tech Liminal is Oakland's original Technology Hotspot and Salon - an accessible, technology-focused membership organization where diverse minds meet and learn to apply the right tools to solve the right problems. Tech Liminal provides opportunities for people to explore technology in the context of pure learning, such as Workshop Weekend and STEAM Camp for Middle School Girls. Tech Liminal features professional development groups such as Programming, WordPress, Video, SEO, Online Marketing, Business Growth, and Product Management.

About Anca Mosoiu
Anca Mosoiu is the founder of Tech Liminal. She is a programmer and consultant who loves complex, large-scale technology projects, where her curiosity and ability to translate between technical and non-technical helps teams get things done. Her past and current clients include the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Cisco Systems, Nike and Sony. She is a Computer Science graduate from MIT. Subsequently, she worked as a programmer for a 3D startup in the 1990's and helped design and develop some of the earliest websites and online stores while working for Razorfish. Her experience in the corporate and startup world was followed by a focus on local community, as a volunteer and and entrepreneur.

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Current Tech Liminal space (Feb. 2013)Tech Liminal founder and owner Anca Mosoiu at the current Tech Liminal space. (Feb. 2013)Outside Tech Liminal (Nov. 2012) [Previous Location]


Tech Liminal is one of the main organizers of Workshop Weekend, a weekend of short workshops across a variety of disciplines. Here are some photos from the Nov. 10-11, 2012 Workshop Weekend:

Workshop Weekend (2012-11-10)Roasting coffee at Workshop Weekend (2012-11-10)