Ordway Building
CC SA-BY Our Oakland
The tallest building in Oakland is currently the Ordway Building, but as you might imagine, others were the 'tallest' before it was built. Taller buildings have been proposed, but none have been built yet. Note that people often incorrectly say the Tribune Tower was once the tallest building in Oakland, but it was constructed in 1923 and is 305 feet tall.

Building Years as Tallest Height (ft.) Floors
Wilcox Building 1868–? ? 3
Oakland Bank Building 1907–1914 ? / 225  8 / 18 *
Oakland City Hall 1914–1960 320 14
Kaiser Center 1960–1970 390 28
Ordway Building 1970–present



NB: The Oakland Bank Building was constructed in 1907 at 8 stories tall. The 18-story addition was built in 1922.

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