Taft & Pennoyer dry goods store

Taft & Pennoyer was at one time the largest dry goods store in Oakland, California, located on Clay Street, 14th Street to 15th Street. Henry Clay Taft and Albert A. Pennoyer opened their first store in 1875 at 1165 Broadway. The business, a carriage trade store, "sold fine linens, silks and woolens to a very select clientele." 3 In 1928 it was purchased by H. C. Capwell.

Announcement of the store's grand opening (1908) 1

"In 1928, two years after The Emporium and the H.C. Capwell Company merged to form the Emporium Capwell Company, the half-century old firm of Taft and Pennoyer was purchased and its stock integrated into those of Capwell's. In the same year ground was broken for a brand new H.C. Capwell Company store--a modern $10 million structure at 20th and Broadway." 2

1910 4Taft & Pennoyer (across the street from H.C. Capwell on 14th & Clay Streets) 2A.A. Pennoyer 3H.C. Taft

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