On May 5th, 2013, participate in the 2nd annual Taco Conference- a bike journey through Oakland in the search of the best taco/taco truck. Bikers will meet at Snow Park at 11am. The Conference is organized by Max Ogden and Devin Laurent Gonzalez.

Bicycle around Oakland, learn about tacos and then eat them!

Here is a video recap of TacoConf 2012

you can also check out the website: http://tacoconf.com/

TacoConf is a one day free event in Oakland that is designed to expose people to the amazing taco spots around town. Bring your bicycle, bring some friends, bring some cash and spend Cinco de Mayo 2013 casually riding in a bike party around downtown and Fruitvale.

Throughout the day we will learn about the history of some taquerias, learn about mexican food culture and try tacos from trucks, foodie upstarts and family owned taquerias.

What to bring:
- a bicycle
- friends or family (with bicycles)
- there is no admission fee, but you need to bring cash to buy tacos (20 or 30 bucks should be fine)

Schedule: 11AM - meet at Snow Park. 12PM - bike to Tacos mi Rancho. 1PM - bike toEl Grullo/Tacos Alonzo. 2PM - bike to Taqueria Sinaloa (near Fruitvale BART). 3PM - bike to La Borinquena

Note: the ride ends right near the Cinco de Mayo event in Fruitvale.

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