Is there a Stop Sign Scandal brewing in Oakland? California drivers have long been notorious for rolling through stop signs (CRS = California Rolling Stop), but a recent KTVU story may help sink mayoral candidate Joe Tuman's campaign.

On January 27, 2014, KTVU posted a "2Investigates" story about drivers running a stop sign in Crocker Highlands (Trestle Glen) at Longridge Road and Rosemount Road. A neighbor videotaped lots of people routinely running the stop sign (not even doing a 'rolling stop'). Christopher Fenolio's dog Mali was killed by a neighbor on December 15, 2013, which would otherwise simply add sadness to the story, except the driver was mayoral candidate Joe Tuman.

Tuman responded in email that an off-leash dog ran in front of his car, but he was driving within the speed limit and stopped at the stop sign, and stopped to offer what assistance he could. He declined to speak on camera.

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