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The State Rifle Range (also Leona State Rifle Range or State Rifle Range at Leona Heights) was a practice ground for the California National Guard and U.S. Army. It was moved there in 1917, 1 and is the origin of the name of Rifle Range Creek, which runs through the area.

In July 1921, there were serious fires all over northern and central California. "National Guard rifle range practically wiped out and several residences endangered by grass fires, sweeping over 10,000 acres." 4

The range was also used by local high schools and ROTC programs. 8,9 c.1933, the range was open to civilians on the 3rd Sunday of the month. 5

It's unclear when it closed. The latest references found in the Oakland Tribune are from 1935, 2 but militarymuseum.org says it was active until at least 1941. 6

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