Standard Gas Engine Co. c.1917 1

The Standard Gas Engine Company was a "marine, stationary, pumping and hoisting engines, etc." company, located on Dennison and King Streets, East Oakland at 23rd Avenue Station.

The Oakland Public Library caption on the above photo states "The Standard Gas Engine Company recently absorbed the Corliss Gas Engine Company of San Francisco and moved all its machinery to the Oakland plant, which has doubled in size and capacity during the last year. Employs 300 men."

[ Found a 1919 reference saying that the company was at Dennison and King Streets. The current buildings in the vicinity don't appear to match the 1917 pic. The entire article is worth looking at. 5-11-19 Trib.pdf ]

There is a mention in March 1917 that the company was erecting a 1-1/2 story building in Oakland, measuring 55' x 82' to be used as a brass foundry, complete with all brass foundry equipment. 2

On July 25, 1917 Peter Mohrdieck of Oakland, assignor to the Standard Gas Engine Company, filed a patient Serial No. 182,768 for an Internal-Combustion Engine. 3

Where 'Frisco Standard' Engines are Erected. 145 x 360 ft. 10 h. p., then several 25 and 30 h. p. engines nearing completion. On the left are several 20 h. p. then a batch of 50 h. p., while beyond are 6t 59 85 and 110 h. p. engines in process of manufacture. Two ten-ton traveling cranes running entire length of building make the handling of heavy castings a simple matter : Standard Gas Engine Company, Oakland, California (circa 1919) 4photo by Andrew Alden, Pierson St. near Reddingad from Pacific Motor Boat 5

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