St. Joseph’s Academy (1870–1986) was a Christian school for boys under 15, founded by the Christian Brothers. It was originally located at 5th and Jackson Streets and occupied the entire city block bounded by Jackson, Fifth, Madison and Fourth Streets (one website states it was at 5th and Madison, but the entrance appears to have been on the opposite side of the block).

The academy aimed to provide boys “a superior Christian education”, while surrounding them with “all the comforts and safeguards of home”.

1887 attendance cost $250 per year, which included Board, Washing and Tuition.

In 1903, St. Joseph’s moved to Berkeley, and again, in 1969, to Mont La Salle in Napa, where lack of attendance eventually caused its closure in 1986.

An ad in the 1887 Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley city directory.

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