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Sequoyah is a neighborhood of Oakland also known as Sequoyah Heights or Sequoyah Hills. The area is above 580 between Skyline Blvd. and Golf Links Road.

The area was developed around and named for the Oak Knoll Country Club and the Sequoyah Country Club. The target buyers were wealthier—they wanted to live close to country clubs—and they generally need access to cars to get to the hilly homes. The lots in the area were large. Although the tract was designed before WWI, the homes resumed sale in 1923 and people who bought the houses were often spending money earned during wartime. Advertisements boasted about the lack of apartments in the area. 1

The neighborhood is noted for having 54 Eichler homes. 2

Sequoyah is home to the Oak Knoll Naval hospital. The hospital has been closed since 1996, and the main building demolished in 2011. The area is huge and has been a discussion of development.

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