Santa Fe is a neighborhood of North Oakland near UCSF Benioff Oakland Children's Hospital. 

The Santa Fe neighborhood is bounded by 52nd Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Lowell Street and 61st Street

The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad once ran along Lowell Street on its way from the Oakland depot (at San Pablo Avenue and Yerba Buena Avenue) to Richmond.


The Santa Fe neighborhood is not NOBE (North Oakland Berkeley Emeryville), a district designated by the local real estate industry to unreasonably inflate real estate property values and drive out long-term residents. 

Local Community Association

The Santa Fe Community Association & Neighbors (aka Santa Fe CAN) is the local volunteer powered 501(c)(3) non-profit community association. Santa Fe CAN's mission is to: enhance the livability of the Santa Fe District, create and support neighborhood improvement activities, and represent the interests and concerns of neighborhood residents and businesses. Santa Fe CAN has five standing committees: Education, Public Safety, Beautification, Community Building and Economic Development. General meetings occur every second Wednesday of the month at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) at 6:30 pm. Meetings are open to the general public. Santa Fe CAN is working on several projects within the Santa Fe neighborhood.

1. To reopen Santa Fe Elementary School for local use. See article at  

2. Create a road diet incorporating pedestrian and bicyclist safety along the Martin Luther King Jr. Way corridor from 52nd Street to Stanford Avenue.

3. Allot free trees to homes in the Santa Fe neighborhood.

For more information and other projects, go to or email at 

Santa Fe's claim to fame:

 1.    The famous "Lois the Pie Queen" restaurant is located near Santa Fe's northern border.  

 2.    The former law Office at 6014 Market Street housed these attorneys who were also some of the original members of the Charles Houston Bar Association:

 ·         Lionel Wilson (March 14, 1915 – February 23, 1998), the first African American mayor of Oakland.

 ·         Allen E. Broussard (April 13, 1929 – Nov. 5, 1996), the second African American justice of the California Supreme Court (Governer Jerry Brown appointee). Served as a judge in Alameda County Municipal and Superior Courts. and

 ·         Wilmont Sweeney (Nov. 19, 1925 – April 1, 1999), the first African American elected to the City of Berkeley’s City Council. Later appointed as a judge to the Alameda County Municipal Court (Governer Ronald Reagan appointee) and Superior Court (Governor Jerry Brown appointee). Alameda County’s minimum-security residential facility for juveniles convicted of misdeanors or nonviolent felonies is known as “Camp Sweeney” in his honor.

 ·         Carl B. Metoyer, Sr. (August 8, 1925 – July 28, 2011). A highly regarded attoney in Oakland.;NAAN=13030& and;NAAN=13030&doc.view=content&

3.  The Arlington Medical Center.

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